Physiotherapy Specialists in South West Sydney

Clinical Pilates can be beneficial in the way of strengthening the core postural muscle of the abdominals, lower back, pelvic floor and buttocks area emphasizing the development of ‘girdle of strength’. Pilates works on the premise that retraining the deep stabilising muscles can help those with musculoskeletal conditions, particularly lower back issues. Pilates can also improve posture, strength and flexibility.Our Pilates classes run for 45 minutes, providing gentle and progressive exercises, yet remain a challenge. We currently have Pilates programs running at our Moorebank (9822 5751) practice. Please contact our practice for program times and availability.


The benefits of our unique style of Clinical Pilates is extensive:

  • Gaining stability AND flexibility reduces future risk of injury.
  • Gaining core stability of the spine and limbs can reduce and resolve many issues such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, headaches and more.
  •  A great deal of what we will teach you can be continued at home as well to empower you to be able to “treat” stiffness and soreness that may arise from day to day living
  • Our Studio Equipment enables a thorough workout of core muscles under load enable the effect to really carry over to the heavy demands of work and life
  • A more stable and flexible body increases your capacity for activities, well being and life!

Clinical Pilates programs

Our  programs are small, with a maximum of 4-5 clients in each session. Our classes are run by qualified physiotherapists.

Our  programs are enjoyable, safe and highly effective offering very real results in core strength, stability and flexibility. Each session is completely personalized to your needs and the intensity can range from gentle rehabilitation to high intensity core training and flexibility. A physiotherapist must perform an assessment to determine the appropriateness and relevancy of the exercises for you.

Pilates is an physical activity that a range of people can perform. It can help those injured at work, pre and post-natal women, sport injuries and those with lower back issues.

Pilates can be claimed through most private health funds. Ask your health fund whether you are covered and book your assessment today. Pilates assessments must be completed every 6 months for your health fund to accept your participation in our classes.



Assessment: $68.50 (is claimable through your Health Fund)

Pilates Classes for a month: $20.00 each class (Book for 4-5 weeks, depending on the month)

Pilates Classes casual visit: $25.00 (when claiming through your private Health Fund)

Pilates Classes casual visit $27.50



Depending on our availabilities throughout the month, spots in our pilates classes vary. Please call 9822-5751 to book in for a pilates class, check the availabilities, or place your name on a reservation list for when a spot opens up.