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  • The Link Between Headaches and Posture
    Headaches are a common nuisance countless of us face in our day-to-day lives. A headache is a continuous pain which can occur in any region of the head. The pain can be dull, sharp, or reflective of a throbbing sensation. One such example are tension headaches which are located in the jaw and neck region. Anything from poor posture to infections to illnesses.
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  • The Benefits of Dry Needling for Sport Injuries
    Dry Needling is primarily used for neuromuscular disorders, chronic muscle pain and sports injuries. A common concern when approached with the possibility to engage with dry needling is the pain felt when the needle is inserted. Although it varies between individuals there is only a slight tingle (in most cases) when it is inserted as it is a very small needle. Dry needling is a safe procedure with enormous benefits as outlined in the fact sheet below.
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  • Strengthening Your Ankle After a Sprain
    An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries experienced when partaking in sport activities. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, reduced mobility and bruising, to list a few. As seen in a study conducted by Medicine & Science in Sports, physiotherapist intervention was seen as essentially lowering the 22% gap on re-injuring the same ankle as before.
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  • Tennis Elbow
    Tennis elbow is a condition which affects the predominant tendon in your elbow, caused by repetitive stress on the muscles. Symptoms of tennis elbow include pain, weak grip and tenderness especially on the bony structure of the elbow. The aim of physiotherapists when a patient has a tennis elbow is to reduce pain, increase movement and strength and prevent re-injury.
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  • Plantar Faciitis
    A common cause of heel pain, plantar faciitis involves the inflammation of the thick band of tissue which covers the bottom of your foot, connecting to the heel bone. The plantar fascia supports the arch of your foot and can become swollen, irritated and weak. A physiotherapist will assign an exercise program which strengthens the plantar fascia and reduces the swelling, allowing you to continue with daily activities pain free.
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  • Tension Headaches
    One of the most common causes of a tension headache is poor posture. A tension headache is one of the more common types of headaches caused by pain radiating from the lower areas of the head/neck/eyes or large muscle groups. It can affect both sides of the head. Physiotherapy intervention centralises around the us of techniques developed by Dean Watson for a holistic approach to treatment.
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